Stitch a Job : Gifts for co-workers you want to keep yourself

Are you looking for a gift for your female or male collegue? Make it very personal this year, and create a little cross stitch hoop for your dearest co-workers.

The series includes 100+ designs including DIY gifts for nurses, landscapers, pokemon hunters, catlovers and many more. Hence there is always one for your loved one.

Quickly made original gifts for retirement of your colleague

Our job cross stitch patterns are easy to stitch and quickly finished. We designed the patterns with beginners in mind and always include a page with embroidery tips.

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The Original Stitch a Job cross stitch patterns series
Combine multiple jobs and stitch your whole family

Custom gifts for co-workers and family

This collection already contains over 100 different jobs, sports and hobbies. And it keeps growing. Can’t find the job you are looking for? buy a custom pattern instead! You get to send a picture of your loved one, and we’ll do our best to resemble him or her as best as possible

Size of job cross stitch patterns

Almost all the patterns from our stitch a job series are designed for an 5 inch embroidery hoop when you stitch it on Aida 14 count cross stitch fabric.

Always check the product page or pattern page for measurements, because a few patterns are bigger. Bigger sized patterns include the cute crane operator, and real estate agent.

What materials do you need for the stitch a job patterns?

If you are a complete beginner at cross stitch we recommend you to stitch the jobs on an 5 inch embroidery hoop with Aida 14 count cross stitch fabric. Aida 14 count fabric is the most populair cross titch fabric. This fabric has perfect squares, and easy to see holes for each of the 4 corners.

Of course you will also need the DMC mouline indicated in your pattern. If you like to add some sparkle, consider replacing some regular mouline with DMC Etoile floss

Alternative: Create gifts for your co-worker with a finer look

Do you already have some experience as cross stitcher? then you can go for a finer look for your cross stitch project. We recommend that you use an 5 inch embroidery hoop with Evenweave 28 count fabric, stitched over 2. When you stitch over 2, you basically skip one hole and move to the next.

Read more about the difference between cross stitch fabrics in our blog

The pokemon hunter makes a great Christmas gift for gamer

Stitch a Job cross stitch patterns

Scroll left and right to see the full collection. Start with a DIY project and create a gift for you co-workers.  If you have issues finding the right pattern, feel free to contact us! We are always happy to help.

Medical Professions

Create a gift for your doctor, nurse or dentist. Swipe below to see the full collection

Office Jobs

Create a gift for your office co-worker, be it a banker, project manager or consultant. Swipe to see the full collection

Stitch a Sport

Create a gift for a soccer fan, skater or runner. Scroll to explore the growing list of unique sport gifts

Education Professions

Create a gift for a teacher or student in your life. From math teachers, language teachers to science nerts. We have you covered! Swipe to see the full collection