Embroidery Floss and threads

This is our collection of embroidery floss and threads. We sell classical DMC Mouline skeins, DMC glow in the dark yarn, DMC coloris floss, bling bling DMC metallic floss, and twinkling DMC Etoile embroidery yarn. We also offer thicker embroidery threads including DMC Perle Cotton and DMC tapestry wool.


DMC Mouline Embroidery Floss

The most common used embroidery floss with 500 colors to choose from!

DMC Light Effects

DMC Light Effects Embroidery Floss

Add special effects to your embroidery with glitter, neon & glow in the dark floss.

DMC Coloris

DMC Coloris Embroidery Floss

With multiple colors on a skein this floss is great for adding borders.

DMC Color Variations

DMC Color Variations

With different shades of a color on one skein these are great for filling large areas.

DMC Etoile

DMC Etoile Embroidery Floss

Add a touch of sparkle to your project withouth the tangling of metallic floss..

DMC special no 16

DMC Cotton a Broder – no 16

Our favourite thread for Sashiko embroidery. This soft and strong thread is made with a single strand. Also great for Ajour, free hand embroidery, quilt- en patchwork, and decorating linens.

DMC cotton perle

DMC cotton perle

This strong thread is made with a single strand. Cotton Perle is suitable for many crafts including embroidery and weaving bracelets.

DMC Eco Vita

DMC Eco Vita

This thread is made from 100% ecological wool and dyed with natural ingredients like with a walnut, indigo and juniper. This is a versatile thread for visible mending, embroidery and weaving.

DMC tapestry wool

DMC tapestry wool

DMC laine colbert tapestry wool is suitable for making thicker embroideries and petit point work on canvas. You can also use this thread for details in your punch needle project.