DMC Etoile Threads: The latest innovation in embroidery floss

The new DMC Étoile Mouline Embroidery floss has a wonderful twinkling sparkle. DMC Etoile threads sparkle more subtle then metallic floss, and it’s more fluffy then a regular cotton mouline embroidery floss. This is truly an innnovative embroidery floss!

DMC Etoile floss is made with a mix of 73% cotton and 27% lurex polyamide and therefor a very strong and fluffy fiber. The sparkle is more subtle, but the floss is a lot easier to stitch with then the metallic mouline thread.

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DMC Etoile Mouline Embroidery Floss

  • The DMC Étoile thread is as heavy as regular DMC mouline, so with two skeins it covers your Aida 14 count fabric.
  • It is a bit fluffy airy feeling thread
  • It is very strong yarn, because of the cotton/polyamide mix
  • Each skein is 8 meter long and comes with 6 strands which you can easily split.
  • We recommend that you use a bit of bees wax to make it even easier to stitch with this floss
  • The sparkle is subtle like a twinkling star, rather then bling bling
  • Being more subtle you can use this floss for large areas in your pattern.
  • As this floss splits easier, it is handy to have a needle threater nearby
DMC Étoile thread Gift Box

How to use DMC Etoile threads

You can use this floss to replace a regular mouline color in your cross stitch project.

You can easily find the paring DMC mouline color. The numbers of the floss have an extra C in front of the normal stranded cotton number. So a C820 is the same marine blue as the regular DMC mouline 820, which we use frequently in our Stitch A Map projects.


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