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Spring Decoration Inspiration: Blow up your cross stitch project and create a cushion.

Add instant cheerfulness to your home with a blown up cross stitch project. You can use any pattern as the basis for your project. In this blog we share a sample featuring our 3 tulip cross stitch design. Using Aida 6 Count fabric your project will become 2,33 times as big as when stitching on regular Aida 14 count fabric.

We prefer not to count our time when cross stitching, but hey if you can make a bigger impact with the same amount of work, we will not complain ;-).



Tulip cross stitch pattern

How much fabric do I need?

Most patterns indicate a size when stitching on Aida 14 count fabric (fabric with approx 5,4 crosses per cm). If you use Aida 6 count fabric instead, your pattern will become 2,33 times as big. It is a very easy way to make a bigger impact with the same number of stitches.

The 3 tulips pattern contains 101 x 56 stitches. This means on Aida 6 the illustration becomes approx 17 x 10 inch (or 42 x 25 cm) . To remain a bit of white border around the illustration we stitched it on 50 x 35 cm Aida 6 count fabric.

How many strands of floss do I need to stitch on Aida 6 count fabric?

Embroidery floss typically comes in 6 strands of floss. You can easily divide these strands. When stitching on Aida 6 count fabric we recommend to use between 3 strands and 6 strands of floss. It depends a bit on taste what you might prefer. For a lighter result you can use 3 strands of floss. In the shown sample we used 6 strands of floss.

Tulip cross stitch pattern
3 tulip cross stitch pattern

How to stitch on Aida 6 count fabric

Cross Stitching on Aida 6 count fabric works just in the same way as stitching on other Aida fabrics. Read our earlier blog to learn how to make the different cross stitch stitches used in our patterns

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