Calculate how much fabric you need for your cross stitch project

With our cross stitch fabric calculator you can quickly calculate how much fabric you need for your next project. Often a cross stitch pattern will indicate the size for one particular type of fabric. But you may like to stitch it on a different fabric to increase or decrease the size of your final work without the need to make a new design.

Most patterns will indicate the final size on Aida 14 count fabric as that’s a very common fabric to use. Using below calculator you can see how much fabric you will need when you’re using a different fabric then your pattern indicates.

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Cross Stitch Fabric Calculator

Calculate Fabric

Step 1: Enter the size of your pattern in stitches
(Learn more) You can often find the pattern size in the legend of your cross stitch pattern. When not available, simply count the stitches on your pattern grid.
When you plan to add a stitched border to your pattern, include this in your stitch count

Width in stitches:
Height in stitches:

Step 2: Let us know what type of fabric you will use
(Learn more) Step 2: The fabric count will be given on the packaging of your fabric. Aida fabrics are often named with the number of threads (or stitches) per inch. Alternativly you can use a measuring tape to count how many stitches you can make per cm or inch on your fabric.

My fabric has threads per cm
(or threads per inch)

Step 3: Let us know how you will stitch on your fabric
(Learn more) Step 3: On Aida 14 count fabrics we often stitch over 1. This means that we do not skip any holes when making a cross stitch. But sometimes we like to blow up our project and then we stitch over multiple threads. The most common way to stitch over evenweave or linen fabrics is to stitch over 2 threads.

I will stitch over threads.

Step 4: Tel us how much fabric you like to keep empty on each side for framing
(Learn more) Step 4: It is advised to add an empty border of at least 5 cm on all sides of your work. This will give space for holding the fabric in a hoop, and to frame it later. Just to be clear that with framing border we mean the empty edge on your fabric that is not stitched.

I would like to add an empty border of cm around my work

Taadaa! Here are your results:

Your Summary:

You will need a piece of fabric of cm by cm.

The embroidered size will be cm by cm

Your work will have stitches per cm (= stitches per inch),
aida fabric colors
aida fabric colors