Cross Stitch on Perforated Leather

This perforated leather is a new innovation in cross stitch fabrics. You can use it to quickly make something unique. It is a great material to use in a sewing project. You can also use this fabric for table covers, cushion covers, and wall decorations.

This is artificial skai leather, with big perforated holes. On the backside it is finished with a thin white protection layer. The fabric is perforated in a regular grid, and the distance between holes is quite large. This makes it perfect for all of us that like to see quick results.

This fabric is perfect for children to make their first cross stitch project.

How to stitch on perforated leather?

We recommend to use cotton yarn and a big blund needle to stitch the perforated leather. We cross stitched the serving tray with a double threat of 3 mm cotton yarn and a size 14 embroidery needle. This fabric is suitable for back stitch lines and cross stitches.

To make a cross stitch you skip one hole when stitching, to get your even grid.

Start your project with a burried thread or loop start (see our blog for the tutorial).

cross stitching on leather red