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How to use a DMC floss color card with true color samples

A DMC embroidery floss color card is a must have reference for each stitcher. The color card includes true color samples of all the 500+ shades of embroidery floss made by DMC. You will also find a sample of the latest 30 embroidery floss colors. And there is lots of extra information in the booklet.

Scroll down to learn more and see how to use a floss color card.

how to use a DMC floss color card

The 5 biggest reasons to buy a floss color card:

1. A color card is handy when changing colors of a design.

You can easily find the best matching alternative in your stash or swap the entire color palette of a pattern.

2. A color card is a great reference when you are designing your own pieces.

Match your paint or pencil colors with the corresponding DMC floss color. This way you can also make your embroidery piece match the color of your clothes, wall, cushions, sofa, etc.

dmc floss color card with real thread samples

3. A color card helps to choose the right fabric for your project.

In our embroidery fabrics collection you will notice that each fabric includes a picture with the best matching DMC floss color. With a true color card you will get an even better idea of the colors before you purchase.

4. A color card helps when shopping for floss.

DMC thread is typically organized by color number. That can make it really hard to see and compare all the colors in a particular shade because they are spread out across a webpage. The color card shows them all together, so you can see at a glance what the options are.

belfast linen 32 count sky light blue

5. A color card includes a lot of extra information about your threads.

You will find care instructions, availability of colors and more.

dmc floss color card backside

Why you need a floss color card with true colors

The biggest advantage of a real thread color card compared to a printed color card, photo’s or an online color card is simple. The colors are accurate.

Screens vary in how colors are shown. So using a online card or picture will show different shades depending on your screen.

A real thread color card includes an actual piece of the floss. As DMC ensures consistent dye baths over time, you are sure the color you see is accurate.

And the neat thing is that you can even find samples for DMC metallic floss and color variations.

dmc floss color card with true color samples

And there are more reasons to choose for a color card with real floss instead of using a printed version.

On the backside of the true color card you can also find samples of other populair DMC embroidery threads. This makes it easier to compare thickness of thread.

And for each type of thread you can learn how to take care of the floss.

Some threads are machine washable at 95 degrees Celcius, where others should be washed at maximum 30 degrees. This is handy information when you are embroidering on clothes for instance.

dmc floss color card

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Learn which types of threads are available per each floss color

The DMC floss color card comes as a booklet. Once opened you will see all 500+ colors in neat rows of color families.

On top of each colomn you will see a list of reference numbers of the most populair DMC embroidery threads.

Now you will notice that under the floss colors numbers there is a small table with some boxes filled and some left empty. The once filled indicate that this color is avaialble in that thread variation indicated at the top of the column.

For example, in the picture you will see that color 964 is only available as 117, 6 stranded embroidery floss. Color 959 is available as 117, and Perle no3, Perle no5, and Perle no8.

dmc floss color card

Find embroidery floss color families and shades

The DMC floss color card is arranged in color families and shade groups rather than numerical order. This makes it really easy to find a range of shades of a particular color. You can find color families in a collumn with different shade groups combined.

We recommend to pick colors from the same shade group.

Shade groups are shown on a collumn from top to bottom. Each shade group start with the lightest shade and finish with the darkest shade.

For example when you’re looking for blue tones you can combine color 828, 3761, 519, 518, 3760, 517, 3842 and 311. They are all part of the same Blue color shade group. Colors 747, 3766, 807, 3765 are part of a different color shade.

dmc floss color card color shades

Find floss color by its number.

Sometimes you may look for a floss color by its number. The color card includes a handy table that will help you.

The table lists the floss numerically along with its corresponding color family column.

For example, if you like to know what color floss number 747 is, search for it in the color number table. You will see it’s part of color family 8. You will then go to the collumns with the real thread colors and search for the number under collumn 8.

dmc floss color card
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