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Learn all about Cross Stitching in a plane | Tips for what you can bring with you in the cabin and what to make while traveling

Flights are perfect to learn new crafts and enjoy some hours of self care while stitching pretty things. On this page you find the ultimate tips for cross stitching in a plane. You will find tips for what you are allowed to bring on a plane, cross stitch projects you get finished while flying, and answers to frequently asked questions about embroidering in a plane.

All you need to know about cross stitching in a plane

What embroidery tools are you allowed to bring in the cabin?

Most airport security officers, including TSA, and airlines indicate that you can bring sharp objects with blades up to 4 inch (~10 cm) in the carry on luggage. This means that you should be able to bring small embroidery scissors with you. But regulations change now and then. So if you want to be sure you can either follow our golden tip 🙂 or call your airline to get the latest security rules ( yeah waiting 30 min on line 🙁 ).

Our golden tip: Cut your fabric to size before traveling. Then you’ll only need a sharp object to cut your floss. And you can easily cut your floss with nail clippers. We’ve never had issues bring those in the plane whereever we travelled in the world.

A tooth floss holder can also work. Remove the tooth floss and use the sharp cutter to cut your floss.

Embroidery needles set

Needles you can bring on the plane

Embroidery needles are blunt and thin. Hence you will typically not experience issues bringing those in a plane.

We do advise you to take an extra set of needles with you. When you accidently drop a needle in the plane it might be challenging to pick it up from the floor while flying (unless you fly business of course 🙂 ).

In our shop you can find a handy tube with embroidery needles. It’s small and fits perfect in any handbag.

Tips for cross stitching in the plane

A few tips to make your in flight cross stitch experience even better:

  • Put your project materials in a zip lock bag. Just in case you accidently drop it, you wont have to search long.
  • An embroidery hoop will help to keep your fabric tight.
  • Think about your neigbors. If you’re able to select your own seat, pick your seat depending on whether you stitch with your left or right hand.
  • Use shorter pieces of embroidery floss than you might do at home. Unless you travel business, your neighbors will be sitting closer to you, and you do not want to punch them of course :-).
  • Consider preloading a bunch of needles with floss prior to your flight. You can then start stitching directly and won’t need to use scissors that often
  • Maybe obvious: stop stitching if there is too much turbulance. You’ll risk getting ugly stitches as it will be more difficult to see your fabric well.
  • Bring a back-up project in your carry on Luggage. Great to stay calm when you face a delay or extra long layover in your journey
  • Are you taking a very long flight? Choose a project to stitch on Aida 6 count fabric! The holes in this fabric are extra big which makes them easy to see even when there’s little light. Our Once Upon a Pixel book has many patterns to use with this fabric.
cross stitching in a plane

Top 3 Cross Stitch Projects to stitch in the plane

Embroidering is a great way to pass time while flying. You can make a start while waiting at the airport, and in the plane it is a calming way to pass time. Whether you take a short or a long flight we love to take an embroidery project with us.

A few tips for selecting a great project to take with you on a plane:

  • Bring a small project. It will easier to handle in an airplane seat
  • Bring a project that is made to stitch on a light fabric as it will be easier to see the holes of your fabric.
  • Bring a project with few colors. It’s easier if you do not have to change colors all the time, securing your threads and cutting floss is a bit more tricky when traveling.

1. Our top pick for short haul flights: Fridge Magnets

These fridge magnets make great projects that you can actually get finished while flying. The fabric is already pre-cut. The projects are small. You stitch most of it with black only. And did we mention this kit is very affordable?

2. Travel themed cross stitch kits

These travel ornaments are stitched with 1 color on a glittery cross stitch fabric. The kits include an embroidery hoop so you can keep your fabric tight when there are a few bumps in your flight. And how much fun is it to stitch the Eiffel tower while flying to Paris!

3. Map cross stitch kits

Stitch a map while making your journey accross the continents! We’ve got maps for every country of the world and many states and provinces as well. Kits contain embroidery hoop, pre-cut fabric, floss and needle so you can get started right away.

What we love about crafting in a plane?

What we love about public crafting is that it seems easier for other people to connect with you. Your neighbors will be curious what you’re making and unless you punch them with your needles, you might end up having a nice little chat. It’s so much fun finding out why they are traveling, what their dreams are etc. We’ve enjoyed flying with priests, professional sporters, real estate agents, beekeepers, and watch company owners. We almost always end up designing a new Stitch a Job pattern ;-).

Frequently asked questions about cross stitching in a plane

What cross stitch project do you recommend for a long flight?2019-05-28T13:23:10+02:00

What cross stitch project do you recommend for a long flight?

Cross stitching is such a great idea when taking a long flight! Yet we still recommend to keep your project size small. You want to have sufficient space for your project witouth taking the seat of your neighbor ;-). So it’s better to make 3 smaller projects, than one huge one.

Long flights often mean that there will be some hours with limited lights. So we recommend you to choose a project to stitch on Aida 6 count fabric The holes in this fabric are extra big which makes them easy to see even when there’s little light. Our Once Upon a Pixel book contains many patterns to use with this fabric.

Are you allowed to cross stitch in a plane?2019-05-28T12:30:39+02:00

Are you allowed to cross stitch in a plane?


Security officers and airlines may have rules about the tools you are allowed to bring on a plane. Typically this means you should not bring sharp objects that may be used as weapons. Scissors shorter than 4 inch are typically allowed.

Read this blog with tips for cross stitching in a plane

Can I take an embroidery hoop in the plane?2019-05-28T16:53:25+02:00

Can I take an embroidery hoop in the plane?

Yes! We’ve never experienced any issues bringing an embroidery hoop in the cabin of the plane.

Consider size though. We sell hoops from small up to a whooping 53 cm large. Of course those xl sized hoops will not fit in regular hand luggage. We like to use a hoop up to 8 inch when stitching in a plane. In hand Luggage you can take up to 12 inch (30 cm) sized hoops witouth issues.

Can I take embroidery scissors on a plane?2019-05-17T19:00:30+02:00

Can I take embroidery scissors on a plane?

Scissors that are less than 4 inches long, like nail scissors, are generally allowed as carry-on Luggage by security officers. They are Always allowed when taking in your checked luggage.

Our tip: bring a nail cutter rather then scissors in your hand luggage. We never get questions asked and they are perfectly sharp enough to cut embroidery floss.

But since the final decision rests with the agent, just be aware that they can confiscate it.

Can you bring embroidery needles on a plane?2019-05-17T18:55:05+02:00

Can you bring embroidery needles on a plane?

In general, security personal and airlines allow you to take your embroidery needles in carry-on luggage in the plane.

Can I take a punch needle in the plane2019-05-28T09:35:11+02:00

Can I take a punch needle in the plane?

We recommend to take your punch needle in checked luggage when traveling by plane. As the needles are typically longer than 4 inch (10 cm) you might face security officers that deny you to take them in carry on luggage.

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