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Top tips for cross stitching on black Aida fabric or dark cross stitch cloth

Cross stitching on black fabric or dark embroidery cloth give stunning results! Your embroidery floss colors will pop in your hoop. And when using more complex floss, like glow in the dark or metallic embroidery floss, the dark fabric enhances those special effects. So any sparkle will be stronger, and any glow in the dark will shine brighter at night. The end result is really worth the hassle. The process may seem daunting, and a bit frustrating. But below tips will help to enjoy the process. They will teach you to start embroidering on dark fabric like a pro!

1. Turn on your lights! The more light the easier it is to cross stitch on dark fabric

There is never enough light when stitching on a darker cross stitch fabrics. Natural sunlight works best. So go out and sit in the park, or use your garden bench! Nothing better than a bit on sunshine on your skin while stitching.

But if you are indoors, or working in the evening, good lighting on top and under your work will make a world of difference.

Light the topside of your work

Switch on all the lights in your home. You can also use a book reading light or headlamp to make things much easier. Especially when they replicate natural light.

Add lights under your work

If you add a light under your work it will be so much easier to see the holes of your fabric. Our best tip is to use a tablet under your work. Search on the internet browser for “white background”, put this full screen and set your screen to the maximum brightness. It also helps to turn of any auto screen lock on your tablet.

how to stitch on black cross stitch fabric

2. Start stitching the first legs of your cross stitch project

This is a trick that works with every cross stitch project, but especially when stitching on dark cross stitch fabrics.

A regular cross stitch is made of two diagonal legs. If you first complete all the first legs of your work, it gives you a number of benefits:

  • It will be easier to undo any mistakes.
  • For your second legs you do not need to count from your pattern as you can just follow the first legs.
  • Moreover it will be easier to find the holes where you have to poke as most are already used for your first legs.
First stitch all the half cross stitches

3. Use a fabric that fits your experience level

Aida fabric is easier to stitch than evenweave linen. So if you are new to stitching on dark cross stitch fabrics we recommend you to start with Aida fabrics. The lower the count the bigger the holes, and therefor the easier it will be to stitch.

We sell Aida and Linen fabrics in different counts and colors. The collection changes depending on demand, so if you do not see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us!

4. Magnify!

This is the perfect moment to start using reading classes or a magnifier! It just makes it easier to see the holes of your fabric and that will lead to neather stitches. Simple reading glasses will do the trick, but a head loop can also be very usefull!

On the picture you can see Marlies from Stick ‘N Stof stitching one of our designs, wearing a fancy magnifier on her glasses.

Marlies Stick n Stof Stitching with a magnifier on dark fabric

7. Use a hoop to stretch your fabric

Stretching your fabric in an embroidery hoop or frame makes it easier to see the holes in your fabric. It is also easier to make neat stitches when your fabric is nicely stretched. Really! Believe us, we are strong believers in stitching with a hoop. That is why most of our DIY kits come with a hoop.

4. Surround yourself with white

Working in a bright spot makes life easier. And when stitching with dark fabrics every piece of light helps.

No need to starting painting your home completly white ;-). But consider wearing white cloths or putting a white table cloth or sheet under your work. It just makes the light reflect more.

cross stitch with light when working with dark fabrics

7. Add special effects

Up your game and add some special effects to your cross stitch project. Stitch with glow in the dark floss, neon embroidery floss, or sparkling metallic floss. The dark background of your fabric will give dazzling results when using those flosses.

Browse our collection of special effect DIY kits, or buy single strands of specialy floss.

This tutorial explains how to stitch with special embroidery floss will help you to get started.

8. Take it relax!

Like Always, take it relax! Have your favourite drink ready and take a sip now and then. Enjoy the process. Cross stitching is not a speed game. Tomorrow is another day 🙂 .

wip dj stitching on dark fabric
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