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All you need to know about the 3 size punch needle instructions

In this blog we share a few tips specifically focussing on the 3 size punch needle we sell in our shop. You may also want to read our step by step punch needle tutorial for beginners and tips to avoid most common issues.

This punch needle comes wih 3 different refill needles so you can combine different thickness of thread in your work. From a few strands of Embroidery Floss up to Chunky Wool. You can also make small adjustments in height of your loops by fixing the needle and a higher or lower place in your holder.

On this page, you will learn how to prepare your punch needle. You can read our tips for foundation fabric that is a perfect match with this needle. Please note that as the diameter of the punch needles varies, our tips are different for each refill needle.

learn how to use the 3 size punch needle step by step

How to prepare your punch needle?

Take one of the three refill needles and move this into the holder. Use the screw to fix your needle in place. You have to screw it really tight to ensure the needle will not move while punching. Tip: Use a piece of cloth in between your fingers and the screw to make it as tight as possible.

To get your wool or floss into your punch needle you will need a threading tool. The 3 size punch needle set includes a thin metallic wire threader so you can even thread the thinnest needles. Without the threader you will strugle to get your thread through the needle.

Step 1

Insert your needle threader in the long end of your needle. Enter your needle from the sharp end of your needle, the side that you will poke into your punch fabric.

Step 2

Pull your thread through the metalic threader that comes out at the backside of your punch needle

Step 3

Pull your needle threader from the front side of the punch needle all the way through your needle. Your yarn is no threaded through the large end of your needle.

Step 4

threading the 3 size punch needle set-3

You will now need to thread your yarn through the opening in the needle (the needle hole). First bring your needle threader through the needle hole and put your yarn in between the metalic threads of your threader.

Pull the needle threader. This will make your thread come through the opening. Be carefull, the threader can easily break if your yarn is too thick for your needle.

Step 5

threading the 3 size punch needle set

Voila! This is how your threaded needle looks like.

You are now ready to start punching. Learn in our earlier blog how to punch step by step

Which yarn or floss can I use with the 3 size punch needle?

The 3 size punch needle set includes three refill needles. Each refill needle can be used with a different thickness of yarn or floss.

The Thinnest Needle

You can use the thinnest needle with 6 strands of embroidery floss and very thin yarns. This needle has a diameter of 2mm.

The Medium Size Needle

You can use the Medium size needle with regular yarns. We love to use our specially selected Lanita ecological wool with this needle. The Lanita wool is a well twined thin wool which is great for punch needle embroidery. This needle has a diameter of 2,5mm.

You can use yarn that’s suitable for knitting needle size 2-4 mm (EU).

The biggest refill Needle

You can use the biggest refill needle with thicker yarns. This needle has a diameter of 3mm. You can use it with our chuncky Gordita wool. Gordita is a 100% ecological merino wool and very suitable for punch needle embroidery.

You can also combine two threads of Lanita ecological wool with this needle. Combining threads gives stunning color combinations.

Alternatives include thin ribbons, thicker crochet yarns and tapestry wool.

Which foundation fabrics are suitable for the 3 size punch needles?

To ensure that your loops stay nicely in your fabric, it is important to use the correct fabric for your project. If a fabric is too open woven for your needle it might be nice for the thickest refill needle, but when you work with a finer needle your loops will pull out easily. And if your fabric is too dense it will be harder to punch with the thickest refill needle.

We tested the needles with a large number of fabrics to provide you the best fabric that works with all different refill needle sizes of the 3 size punch needle.

Our premium choice for the 3 size punch needle: Linen punch fabric

This premium linen fabric works well with all 3 refill needles of this punch needle set. So you can combine both thinner details and chunky filling in the same piece! This linen fabric feels wonderful in your hand and is a very durable foundation cloth.

We do not recommend to use Aida fabrics for this punch needle. Aida fabrics are stiffened to ensure threads won’t move and you can make perfect cross stitches. But for punching that’s not handy as you want threads to move.

We will continue testing fabrics and will share updates on our blog on test results. If you have questions about fabrics, please feel free to contact us!

Shop matching supplies for this punch needle

Below we highlighted a few matching products you can use with this punch needle. Click here to see the full collection of materials that match with this punch needle.

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