5 inch Embroidery hoop. With this listing you will receive one new 5 inch (12,5 cm) wooden embroidery hoop.

These embroidery hoops are great to use during the stitching of your needle art work, and make your work shine if you hang them. You can also use the hoops to create a fabric wall display with some beautiful fabrics.

If you use Aida 14 Fabric, this size will fit a number of our travel souvenir patterns.

This listing is just for the embroidery hoop. The completed cross stitch shown on the picture is just for illustrative purposes.

Details 5 inch Embroidery hoop

Material: Wooden Embroidery Hoop
Color: Natural Wood with a brass screw to adjust
Measurements: Approx. 5″ Diameter (~12,5 cm)

Please note: This product is made from untreated wood. We try to deliver it as smooth as possible, but imperfections, knots and rough spots may occur.