TUTORIAL: Framing a cross stitch project in an embroidery hoop

How to frame your cross stitch work in an embroidery hoop

As we often get the question on how we frame our cross stitch projects, we’ve added a short video on YouTube (see below).

When we want to frame the work in an embroidery hoop, we always use felt on the backside of the project.

What you’ll need:


  1. Put the inner side of the embroidery hoop on your table, then lay the felt on top of it. Add your cross stitch project. Put the outside of the embroidery hoop on top
  2. Move the fabric layers until they are nicely centered in your hoop and then use the screw of the embroidery hoop to fasten it in the hoop.
  3. Cut the excess fabric and felt,  so that you keep about 1 inch (2,5 cm) on all sides of the circle.
  4. Now use the needle and yarn and stitch the yarn firmly on a border of the fabric
  5. Stitch a running stitch around the border of your fabric (go through the cross stitch fabric and the felt layer)
  6. Strongly pull the yarn – your fabric will now wrinkle in the hoop. Fix of the floss with a few stitches.
  7. Ready to hang!


There are more ways to frame your piece – this is our favorite way – what’s yours?

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