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12 tools & supplies gifts for cross stitchers

Are you looking for a nice Christmas gift or birthday gift for the cross stitcher in your life? When it comes to gift ideas for cross stitchers, it might be difficult to choose if you are not a cross stitcher yourself. That’s why we asked a group of expert stitchers to share their favourite gifts with us. The list includes ideas for smaller and bigger budgets. Some are perfect stocking fillers and others make an impactfull gift for under the tree.

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7 Gift ideas for cross stitchers under 15 Eur

5 Cross stitch tools as Gifts under 55 euro

12 gifts for cross stitchers

5 Usefull Gifts for Cross Stitchers up to 55 eur

These are our top gift ideas that will wow the receiver. They make usefull gifts for a cross stitcher in your life! The selected gifts are all high quality and very durable. A gift that keeps giving :-).

Do you have a smaller budget? no worries – scroll down and you will find 7 great gift ideas for cross stitchers under 15 eur!

Flexible embroidery hoop stand

1. Flexible embroidery hoop seat frame

This flexible embroidery hoop stand makes it possible to stitch with 2 hands. How handy is that? You can use it on your table or shuffle it under your leg when working on a seat or sofa. In this earlier blog you can see how we used the seat frame to stitch a 4 inch (10 cm) embroidery hoop.

2. Cross stitch surprise box

Our surprise box contains materials and extra’s to stitch a complete project.

A set of 10 embroidery hoops

3. Embroidery hoops

Hoops, hoops, hoops. If you love cross stitch you can never have enough hoops. Or at least that’s how we feel about them. We love to frame our completed cross stitch piece in a hoop and mix and match them on our wall. It feels like creating your own gallery wall of cross stitch art.

This set contains 10 hoops in 5 different sizes, giving plenty of oppertunities.  If you are on a smaller budget you can also buy the hoops per piece here.

We’ve also listed a few alternative ideas for using your hoop here on our blog.

Waste canvas

4. Etoile threads

Every cross stitcher will love a set of 35 skeins of twinkling embroidery floss. The floss is fluffy and covers like regular embroidery floss. It is available in the 35 most populair DMC floss colors. We happily gift wrap your selection.

Large Embroidery hoop gift

5. Think BIG with this XL embroidery hoop

Sometimes bigger is better. This giant cross stitch hoop has a whopping 45 cm and will make a great impact. Use it for framing larger pieces of embroidery work and hang it as centerpiece on your wall.

We have designed a few extra large cross stitch kits that will fit nicely in this hoop.

7 Gifts ideas for Cross Stitchers Under 15 Eur

Even with a smaller budget you can buy pretty and usefull tools and supplies. Below gift ideas for cross stitchers are great as birthday gifts, stocking fillers and Sinterklaas presents.

Stork embroidery scissors

6. Stork Embroidery Scissors

These classic Stork embroidery scissors have a very sharp and short blade. Perfect for cutting threads for your embroidery project. They are gold colored and very instagrammable.

Clover wonder clips set of 10

7. Wonder Clips

Seamstresses and needlepointers will love these wonder clips. They are a great replacement for pins and can be used with the sewing machine. And if you accidently drop them, they are easy to find back. Best of all – no more pinching your fingers!

Luxery embroidery scissors with 6 holding points

8. Luxery embroidery scissors

These luxery embroidery scissors have 6 holding points so you can easily hold them in any direction needed. Having so many holding points your scissors will be more stable in your hand. They can be used both left and right handed and are made of the best surgical stainless steel.

Measuring tape with inch and cm

9. Measuring tape with inches and cm

Most crafters will have a measuring tape. But do they have one that combines both centimeters and inches? This is a very handy tool if you work with both English patterns and Dutch, German or Spanish patterns. You no longer need to convert centimeters to inches and visa versa!

punch needle clover embroidery stitching tool

10. Punch Needle Set

Punching is the newst trend in embroidery. And this set makes one of the best gift ideas for cross stitchers that starts to punch. It’s a finer needle that can be used with a few strands of embroidery floss. Its such a fun way to create small pieces of textile art.

Cross Stitch fabrics

11. Cross Stitch Fabrics

Suprise the stitcher in your life with some colorful Aida fabrics. We have over 10 colors on stock, so there’s always one that fits your favourite cross stitcher. They are available in small and big pieces, so even for a small budget there loads of options.

Bees Wax embroidery floss

12. Bees Wax

This bees wax is a great idea when you are looking for a usefull stocking filler or small gift. Cross Stitchers use the bees wax when stitching with Metallic or Etoile threads. It just makes it a lot easier to handle those tangly threads :-). Buy it alone, or combine it with a few skeins of sparkling floss

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