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DMC Light effects Embroidery floss gives your project a unique sparkle. Sold per skein of 8 meters, with 6 easily seperatable strands. This special floss is made with 100% polyester yarn.

This floss tangles easily. We therefor recommend to embroider with short pieces of thread at the same time, and to use the needle knot technique. It also helps to treat your floss with a bit of bees wax before you start stitching. Using bees wax helps to make the floss smoother.

Light Effects DMC embroidery floss can be washed in lukewarm water 30° C/86 °F with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. After washing the piece, wrap it a towel to absorb excess water, then dry it flat. For dry-cleanable pieces, any dry cleaning solvent except trichloroethylene may be used.


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E130 Metallic party mix, E135 Metallic Green Yellow mix, E155 Metallic Forget me not, E168 Metallic Silver, E211 Metallic soft purple, E301 Metallic Mahogany, E310 Metallic Black, E316 Metallic Antique Mauve, E317 Metallic Pewter, E321 Metallic Red, E334 Metallic Baby Blue, E415 Metallic Pearl Gray, E436 Metallic Tan, E677 Metallic Old Gold, E699 Metallic Green, E703 Metallic Chartreuse, E718 Metallic Plum, E746 Metallic Offwhite, E747 Metallic Sky Blue, E818 Metallic Baby Pink, E815 Metallic Garmet, E825 Metallic Dark Blue, E898 Metallic Coffee Brown, E940 Glow in the dark, E966 Baby Green light, E967 Metallic Peach, E980 Neon yellow, E990 Neon green, E3747 Metallic Blue Violet, E3821 Metallic Light Gold, E3837 Metallic Lavender, E3852 Metallic Gold, E5200 Metallic White, E3685 Metallic Mauve, E3843 Metallic Blue, E3849 Metallic Teal Green

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