This world map cross stitch pattern features a world map with borders around each of the countries. You can use it as a fun way to show where you’ve been traveling. You can stitch the outlines and then fill the countries as you continue to travel.

This world map cross stitch pattern is XL size. If you want quicker results, consider buying our small sized world map pattern: Link

This world map cross stitch pattern will download instantly and includes:
– A full color pattern with a color legend color legend for the most used brands (DMC, Anchor and J&P coats)
– A single page overview of the pattern in full color
– A gray pattern highlighting the different symbols and lines
– A file that includes our best embroidery tips in English, Dutch and Spanish.

A few remarks:
We’ve done our best to represent all the country outlines correctly. We realize that some borders are disputed between different states. Of course we don’t mean to offend anyone. We used google maps as our reference. As you might imagine this map is not detailed enough to show you the road while traveling 😉 and the smallest countries of the world are also harder to find e.g. the Vatican, San Marino and Andorra are not included
The pattern includes light blue stitches for the main seas, oceans and lakes. We’ve added those to help you distinguish the country map outlines. You don’t have to stitch them to get a beautiful result. But of course you can always choose to stitch them anyway. (it’s a lot of stitches).

This listing does not contain the finished product it is just the pattern.

Size of this world map cross stitch pattern

• Illustration size: 302 x 204 stitches

When stitching with Aida 18:
• The size of the world map will be 16 2/3″ x 11 1/3″ (~ 42,5 x 29 cm)
• We recommend to use at least 21″ x 16″ (~53 x 40 cm) to ensure you have some space for framing.

When stitching on Even weave 28:
• The size of the world map will be 10 11/16″ x 7 5/16″ (~ 27 x 18,5 cm)
• We recommend to use at least 15 x 11 inch (~ 38 x 28 cm) to ensure you have some space for framing.

Skill Level

Level: Intermediate

This pattern is at intermediate level as it is much larger than most of our other patterns. The stitches are really easy – it’s just the cross stitch. The pattern does expect that you know how to stitch the cross stitch. We have included our best tips on embroidery.


We love to share our love for handmade work, but please be aware that this pattern is for personal use only. Please read our shop policies for more details. You can contact us to request information on wholesale or commercial use of our patterns.