This is a lovely woolly recycled yarn. It is made from post consumer woolen sweaters, vests, and other garments. Relove wool is a sustainable answer to issues in the fashion industry.

This yarn is suitable for knitting, punch needle, weaving, rug hooking and tapestry embroidery.

Product details Relove wool recycled yarn

  • Color: black
  • Material (approx): 65% wool, 25% polyacryl, 10% nylon
  • 200 meter = 100g
  • Needle: 5 mm
  • Gauge: 18 = 10 cm
  • To make a women’s size jumper in size M you’ll need approx 500 gram.
  • This yarn is machine washable (cold wool cycle).

How is this yarn made?

Post consumer garments are sorted according to the fibers used to make the item. For this yarn, only items are used that contain at least 60% wool. This includes items made from 100% wool, but also items made with 60% wool and 40% acrylic, or 70% wool and 30% polyester, etc. Most garments sold by fashion brands contain a mix of different fibers, so it would be impossible to make a recycled wool yarn with only 100% wool fibres.

The items are then sorted by color and screddded. To ensure the new wool is strong and even, approx 10-15% recycled polyester is added to the scredded fibres.