Soluble canvas 14 Count. High quality soluble canvas 14 Count (5.5 stitches per cm). With this soluble canvas you can cross stitch on any fabric you like. From stitching on denim, to making cross stitches on a dress, bag or ornament. This fabric helps you make perfect cross stitches.

This listing is for a piece of 120″ x 8.5″ (300 x 22 cm).

Details Soluble canvas 14 Count

This fabric is made in Korea
Color: White
Material: 100% Poluvinylalcool (PVA)

With soluble canvas you can stitch our cross stitch patterns on non – countable fabrics. So you can customize t-shirts, cushions, baby blankets, napkins.. etc. Picture 3 shows how you can work with this fabric. It is easier to use then the more economic regular waste canvas, because you can just wash it away rather then having to pull the treats.