This is a premium quality White Wool Roving that can be used for weaving, xl knitting, spinning and felting projects. Soft and fluffy feel.

Product details Off White Wool Roving

  • Color: Off White. This is the undyed natural color
  • Fineness: 24 micron
  • Mulesin Free Merino Wool
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • 100 gram
  • Lenght: approx 10 meter (if you pull harder it will get longer and thinner)
  • Suitable for: Dyeing, Jumbo Knitting, Needle Felting, Spinning, Wet Felting

Read our blog for inspiration and learn how to make a circulair weave with this wool roving

How much wool do you need for a knitting project?

You use approx 2 kilo’s per square meter blanket, depending on how loose you knit.

  • For a cushion cover of 50 x 50 cm you need 500 gram for each side
  • For a blanket of 1 x 1,5 meter you need approx. 3 kilos
  • For a banket of 1,5 x 2 meter you need approx 6 kilos
  • For a blanket of 2 x 2 meter you need 8 kilos

Wool is a product of nature and colors may vary for each batch. We try to reflect colors as good as possible in the pictures but they might be slightly different.