This is premium merino wool roving from Europe. You can use it for weaving, xl knitting, spinning and felting projects. This lilac merino wool roving is a very versatile fiber.

Product details Lilac Wool Roving

  • Color: Lilac
  • Fineness: 27 micron
  • Mulesin Free Merino Wool
  • Origin: European Union
  • 100 gram
  • Fibre lenght: 75-85mm
  • Dyed with non-toxic synthetic dye according to Oeko Tex 100 and EU Ecolabel standards for textile products
  • Suitable for: Jumbo Knitting, Needle Felting, Spinning, Wet Felting

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How much wool do you need for a knitting project?

You use approx 2 kilo’s per square meter blanket, depending on how loose you knit.

  • For a cushion cover of 50 x 50 cm you need 500 gram for each side
  • For a blanket of 1 x 1,5 meter you need approx. 3 kilos
  • For a banket of 1,5 x 2 meter you need approx 6 kilos
  • For a blanket of 2 x 2 meter you need 8 kilos

Wool is a product of nature and colors may vary for each batch. We try to reflect colors as good as possible in the pictures but they might be slightly different.

This Wool is dyed with safe, modern synthetic high quality dye. This creates stunning colors, is non-toxic and very stable. The Colors of this wool can fade over time when exposed to light or washing, as most textiles will. This wool is – of course – not threated with Superwash chemicals. So when washing it may shrink and felt.