With this bright red darning mushroom you can fix holes in your clothes more easily. Darning mushrooms are great to give your fabric the right stretch while fixing. This will ensure that your clothes keep their natural shape after you finish repairing them.

You will receive 1 darning mushroom with this listing.

You may like to read our blog with pictures and step by step instructions for how to use a darning mushroom.

How to use a darning mushroom:

  • Put your mushroom inside the cloth that you like to fix exactly at the location of your hole.
  • Create horizontal lines of stitches over your hole. Insert the needle about 1.5cm (~1/2″) before the hole begins and stitch to 1.5cm (~1/2″)  beyond the hole. Then repeat this stitch going in the opposite direction. Make sure that you stitch 1.5cm (~1/2″) beyond the edges of the hole on both sides to ensure that the hole is well covered.
  • Create a grid by adding vertical lines. Weave the thread or yarn through the horizontal stitches. Insert your needle under the first stitch. Then, weave the thread or yarn over the next stitch. Keep going to the end of the stitch and then weave back in the opposite direction.

Some things to keep in mind when darning clothes:

  • Do not pull on the thread or yarn to tighten the stitches. Doing this will cause puckering.
  • Try to create the same weave tightness as the garment you are darning. For example, if you are darning a loose knit, then the stitches will need to be somewhat spaced out. If you are darning a tight knit, then the stitches will need to be tight.
  • Darn your clothes with a thread that is close to the materials used to make your garment. So a woolen sock is best fixed with wool, and a cotton shirt is best fixed with cotton thread.