This is the updated version of our Sashiko Starter Kit. It contains all you need to get started with this populair stitching craft, including printed instructions and Sashiko Patterns. It now contains ecological cotton fabric and easier thread to learn Sashiko stitching with. The fabric is big enough to test multiple patterns. With this kit you will work with round shapes and hence this kit includes short Sashiko needles.

Product details Sashiko Starter kit

Your kit includes:

  • 6 inch Embroidery hoop (optional when stitching, and can be used to frame your finished piece)
  • 30 x 75 cm Midnight Blue eco canvas
  • 4 Short Sashiko Needles (different sizes so you can expirement with what you like best)
  • 60 meter White DMC special embroidery thread no. 16 (that’s equavalant of almost 3 regular 23m skeins)
  • 4 Sashiko patterns including guidance for stitching sequence (Tsagnagi Raimon, Kikko, Seighaiha, Shippo)
  • 1 sheet of White watererasable transfer paper
  • Step by Step instructions in Dutch and English