Giant embroidery hoop of 45 cm diameter. Use this high quality hoop for large embroidery pieces or quilt projects. You can also use the giant quilt hoop to frame a piece of fabric on your wall

It’s 2 cm thick beech wood giant embroidery hoop of great quality. Made in the UK.

It’s also great for decorating your home. Just add a piece of fabric and hang it on your wall. As you can change the fabric it’s an easy way to update your home once you like to make changes.

Or use it at a alternative party guestbook and make your guests write their message on some fabric. Embroider all those handwritten names and you’ll have a usefull and orginal keepsake.

Please note: This product is made from untreated wood. We try to deliver it as smooth as possible, but imperfections, knots and rough spots may occur.