With this item you will receive one pair (two pieces) of twill repair patches. One one side they have an adhesive layer. You can fix the patches to your clothes with your iron.

The patches are approx 9,5 x 12,5 cm (3 3/8″ x 5″) each.

How to use iron on patches to repair your jeans?

  • Cut the patch to size.
    • If you want equal round corners you can double the patch and cut two layers at the same time.
    • The patch should be approx 1 cm wider then the hole you want to cover
  • Lay the patch on top of the hole with the glue side down
  • Use an iron to glue the patch to your garment. Heat up your iron before you start and press each section at least 4 seconds.  Ensure your patch is completely ironed.
  • If you like to wash your garment in the future; or if you use the patch to cover holes in the knee area of your jeans, it is recommend to stitch the borders of your patch with a zigzag.