This listing is for 64 x 64 cm (~25 inch x 25 inch) of Black Aida 18 Cross Stitch fabric.

Looking for a larger piece of Aida? we also sell this fabric in different sizes.

Aida 18 count is finer then the often used Aida 14 count fabric. Most of our cross stitch patterns give a size indication when using 14 count fabric. When you use this 18 count fabric the same pattern will be about 23% smaller.

If you doubt which fabric is the best for your next project, read our blog about the differences between cross stitch fabrics.

Product details Black Aida 18 Cross Stitch fabric

  • This fabric is 18 count, because you can make 18 crosses per inch.
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • You can wash this fabric in the wash machine.
  • This fabric is made in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We try to reflect the fabric color as good as possible, however different computer screens may show small differences.