My fabric gets loose. How can I keep fabric tight in an embroidery hoop?

With Punch needling you put a lot of tension on your fabric as you punch along. This may cause your fabric to loosen, and your fabric tension is no longer even. And that might result in uneven loops. So you want to keep the fabric tight in an embroidery hoop.

When using an embroidery hoop, we therefor recommend to bind the inner hoop with some fabric straps or twill tape or bias tape. Alternativly you can also use a glue gun and make a line of silicone on the inside of your outer ring.

It is easier to keep your fabric tight in a smaller embroidery hoop. When working on a very large project, you can consider stapling your fabric onto a a wooden frame. You can make your own frame or buy a painting canvas and replace the canvas fabric with punch needle fabric.