This Sashiko tote bag kit, contains all you need to learn this populair stitching craft. The kit comes with a Studio Koekoek tote bag made under the “earth positive'” label. It’s made from ecological cotton.  Includes printed instructions and Sashiko Patterns. As the patterns are different then the ones in our Sashiko starter kit, you can also combine both :-).

Product details Sashiko Tote bag

Your kit includes:

  • Earth Positive Navy blue tote bag 36 x 40 x 7 cm big with one side blanco and one side the Studio Koekoek logo
  • 4 Short Sashiko Needles (different sizes so you can expirement with what you like best)
  • 60 meter DMC special embroidery thread no. 16 (that’s equavalant of almost 3 skeins)
  • 4 Sashiko patterns including guidance for stitching sequence (Kome Sashi, Kaku Shippo, Hishi Seigaiha, Ishi Guruma)
  • 1 sheet of White watererasable transfer paper
  • Step by Step instructions in Dutch and English

About the Earth Positive label

EarthPositive is a ‘wholly ethical’ textile brand that is certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (by Control Union and Soil Association) and by the Fair Wear Foundation for ethical labour practices throughout its supply chain. It is also, crucially, low carbon, having reduced the CO2 and other green-house gases emissions by some 90% through the use of green renewable energy in its production – a claim verified by the Carbon Trust within its pilot carbon-labelling initiative.