Lanita is a premium ecological wool which we love to use for punch needle embroidery projects with the Clover Punch Needle using a refill needle for medium yarn. You can also use the Lanita bright blue colored wool with the 3 size punch needle or for knitting or crochetting garments and weaving projects. This mulesing-free Argentinian wool is spun in Italy.

Details of bright blue ecological wool for punch needle, knitting and weaving

  • 100% Ecological Merino Wool
  • Color: bright blue
  • 50 gram = 160 meter
  • Knitting Needles 4-4,5 mm
  • Gauge 22 = 10 mm
  • Dry Flat

We do our best to capture the colors as they are, but screen resolutions may impact the color you see. You can also request a color card to be sure about different color tones.

Premium Eco Wool

  • The raw material of this wool is certified by GOTS, which is the world’s leading standard for good practices in the textile supply chain (both for environmental and social criteria).
  • Herders take care of their sheep in accordance with recognized organic standards. Hence, they are lovingly and gently shorn and only receive antibiotics in absolute exceptional cases.
  • Colors are produced free of harmful substances like toxic heavy metals. Dying this way might – in exceptional cases – impact color fastness of the wool. So we recommend that you do not hang the wool in bright sunlight!
  • This wool is biodegradable.

Happy sheep and happy people practices in the supply chain. Guilt-free stitching is the best!