With this Bondaweb double sided ahesive vlieseline you can fix applications to your fabric. Easily make your own applications to decorate clothes, bags, cushions etc. This High quality Vlieseline Bondaweb to make durable applications is also called Vliesofix adhesive. This Bondaweb has a backing of paper on one side where you can draw your application.

Vliesofix is also suitable for making very precise applications with a cutting machine like a Silhuotte Cameo or Brother scan & cut. Keep the paper layer on top of the vliesofix while cutting.

Bondaweb be used on many types of fabrics, including leather. Adjust the temperature of your iron depending on the fabric used.

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How to use the Bondaweb Vliesofix?

  1. Embroider your application on a small piece of fabric, or use a plain paper.
  2. Draw the outline of your application on the paper backing of your vliesofix.
  3. Cut the vliesofix slightly bigger than your application
  4. Lay your application fabric with good side facing down on a flat surface
  5. Lay your vliesofix on top of the application fabric, paper facing up.
  6. Iron for about 5 seconds to secure the vliesofix
  7. Cut your application to size
  8. Remove the paper layer
  9. Lay the piece of fabric or bag –  where you want to add your application –  with the good side facing up on a flat surface
  10. Lay your appkication with the good side facing up on top of the application.
  11. Put a wet kitchen towel on top of your application
  12. Iron for about 10 seconds.
  13. Turn your fabric upside down and iron the application from the backside for about 6 seconds. Let it cool down.
  14. When adding an application to an object that you will frequently wash, we recommend to sew the borders with a zigzag on your fabric.

Product details Bondaweb double sided adhesive

  • Double sided adhesive
  • For joining fabric layers including for appliqués, handicrafts or repair work.
  • Suitable for machine sewing and hand sewing
  • Color: White
  • Size: 30 cm x 90 centimeter (approx 12 x 36 inch)
  • Can be washed at max 60C and dry cleaned
  • Suitable for all fabrics, raffia, cardboard, wood and, at low temperatures, also for leather.