With this iron on adhesive Vlieseline H180/308 you can secure the backside of your embroidery work. It is also used to enforce thinner fabrics when sewing. We used it when making the dolls for our Once Upon a Pixel book. They are sewn with Aida 6 count fabric, which has very big holes. The iron on adhesive vlieseline ensures that all the holes of the fabric have a white background, and that any loose ends of your floss are secured. It also makes the Aida fabric a bit thicker, ensuring the doll is more sturdy. This is a top quality vlieseline product.

How to apply the vlieseline H180/308?

  • Lay your fabric, with the back side facing up, on a flat stable surface
  • Lay the vlieseline, with the adhesive side down, on top of you fabric
  • Heat your iron to use on wool or rayon
  • Iron directly on the vlieseline for about 8 seconds. Ensure you touch every corner of your work and keep the iron moving.
  • Let it cool down

Product details Iron on Adhesive Vlieseline

  • One sided adhesive
  • Color: White
  • Size: 100 x 90 cm (~40 x 36 inch)
  • Material: 85% PA, 15% PES
  • Easy to use. Fixate with a hot iron on the backside of your fabric
  • Can be washed at max 40C and dry cleaned