What about your journey to ‘Guilt-Free’ crafting?

Our aim is for all our products to be ‘guilt-free’, meaning they are made with premium materials made in fair conditions and where possible ecologically certified. We hunt for the best options, so you can enjoy your crafting ‘guilt-free’.

We are very proud that we are the first company in the world to launch ecological fabrics that are a perfect for punch needle embroidery. We realize that our efforts are (yet) only a drop in the ocean, but our ambitions are big. Volume does matter when you want to make an impact. We are very happy with every purchase made, and invite shop owners to place wholesale orders with us. Buying more volume together will make our little drop in the ocean bigger and bigger :-).

We are on a journey to replace all our conventional supplies with ecological and fair trade alternatives. For cross stitch fabrics our search proves to be difficult. Aida fabrics are very technical to weave, hence there are only very few weavers that can make this fabric. Gleefully we found a weaving mill willing to embark on our journey to create premium quality with ecological and fair trade fibers. But to start the mills we need to place a very large order. So we are looking for other designers, craft shop owners, and you to order together with us. If we manage to gather a large enough crowd we can start weaving!

Fair living wages are close to our heart. We dream of growing Studio Koekoek such that we can offer stable jobs to people that currently work under a living wage. We believe that working people – wherever they are in this world – should earn a sufficient wage to eat, house, cloth, and educate their families. We are still small, but every order makes our dreams one step closer.

Thank you for showing an interest in our journey to ‘guilt-free’ crafting ! If you have any helpful tips for us, they are more then welcome!