How you can prevent your colors will run when washing your embroidery piece?

The best way to prevent that your colors will run is to stitch with color fast materials. DMC floss is washable and colors will stay nice over time. But sometimes you may want to stitch with a speciality yarn that is hand-dyed and/or not color fast. Follow below tips to test if you can wash your piece.

  • Try adding a little piece of the floss and/or fabric to water and see what happens. If the colors run easily we recommend not to use any water to clean your projetc. You can ask your local dry cleaner if they can clean your piece.
  • You can also try using special color catchers in your water. We have no experience using those but some of our customers mentioned it helps them to wash embroidered pieces with silk. In the USA you can find “Shout Color Catcher”.