Premium quality weaving loom. With this XXL size weaving loom you can create cushion covers, scarfs and also smaller pieces. The loom comes with a heddle bar and two suttles. This makes it easy to quickly weave back and forward in the threads. The instruction booklet explains thow to warp your loom and how to weave. You will also find some tips to weave like a pro.

This is the biggest lap loom in our collection.

Weaving essentials you may like to add

XXL weaving loom product details

  • Includes step by step weaving instructions
  • Includes detachable heddle bar (this creates difference in height between your threads).
  • Includes two XXL size shuttles
  • Sturdy quality made in Europe from quality beech wood
  • Size of the loom 53 cm width x 64 cm long x 6 cm heigh (~21″ x 25″ x 2,5″)
  • Maximum weaving width: 48 cm  (~19″) (you can also make your weaving width smaller by warping less threads).
  • The loom has a lenght of 64 cm (~25″) . You can extend the lenght of your weaving project with the use of clamps (not included).
  • 4 mm in between warp threads (7 threads per inch)
  • We pre-warped part of the loom. So you can directly start making a small piece

You may like to add a weaving comb or weaving needle.

Please note that the loom is made from natural wood. Hence it is possible that your loom looks slightly different than the one pictured.