This wooden adjustable punch needle is a beautiful tool when you want to work with thicker wool threads up to 3,8 mm. This is an adjustable punch needle so you make your loops with 6 different heights from approx 2 – 5 cm. To adjust, you simply turn the needle and pull until the spring inside the handle snaps into the next notch of the needle. Read step by step instructions and tips for the wooden punch needle in this blog

Size Adjustable Wooden Punch Needle

  • Lenght: 12,5 cm (approx 5 inch)
  • Outside diamter: 6 mm
  • Inside diameter: 4 mm
  • Can be used with gordita wool and similar wool up to 3,8 mm thick
  • Includes a needle threader

The needle punches harder through your fabric then our Clover embroidery stitching tool. As it is important that your fabric stays drum tight, we recommend to use this punch needle with embroidery hoops of maxium 8 inch (20 cm) . If you want to make a bigger piece, you can read here how to make a wooden punch needle canvas . This punch needle works best with our jute punch needle fabrics.