DMC Color Variations Embroidery floss skeins DMC 4000-4265 | multi-colored embroidery yarn | skein of 8 meters (8,4 y)


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High quality DMC Color Variations Embroidery floss skeins in 60 different shades. This is a multi-colored six-strand thread with an over-dyed effect that creates subtle variations without having to change threads. The colors in each skein are blended to flow seamlessly into one another without producing harsh contrasts. The thread is 100% cotton and each skein has 8 meters (8.7 yards). Create a little color explosion on a piece of aida or linen fabric!

  • Made in France
  • 100% cotton
  • Per skein of 8 Meter (8.7 yd)
  • Each skein has 6 easily seperated strands, so you can customize its thickness.
  • Double mercerized
  • Can be washed in the wasmachine, so they are also great for decorating clothes
  • Color quality control – no difference between different dye baths

Contact us if you are looking for a different DMC embroidery floss skeins, or check the full collection . And get inspiration on how to display your embroidery floss in this blog

Additional information

Color code

DMC 4000 Espresso, DMC 4010 Winter Sky, DMC 4015 Stormy Skies, DMC 4017 Polar Ice, DMC 4020 Tropical Waters, DMC 4022 Mediterranean Sea, DMC 4025 Caribbean Bay, DMC 4030 Monet's Garden, DMC 4040 Water Lilies, DMC 4042 Very Merry, DMC 4045 Evergreen Forest, DMC 4047 Emerald Isle, DMC 4050 Roaming Pastures, DMC 4060 Weeping Willow, DMC 4065 Morning Meadow, DMC 4066 Amazon Moss, DMC 4068 Camouflage, DMC 4069 Margarita, DMC 4070 Autumn Leaves, DMC
4072 Toasted Almond, DMC 4073 Buttercup, DMC 4075 Wheat Field, DMC 4077 Morning Sunshine, DMC 4080 Daffodil Fields, DMC 4090 Golden Oasis, DMC 4095 Cupcake, DMC 4100 Summer Breeze, DMC 4110 Sunrise, DMC 4120 Tropical Sunset, DMC 4122 Fall Harvest, DMC 4124 Bonfire, DMC 4126 Desert Canyon, DMC 4128 Gold Coast, DMC 4129 Peanut Brittle, DMC 4130 Chilean Sunset, DMC 4135 Terra Cotta, DMC 4140 Driftwood, DMC 4145 Sand Dune, DMC 4150 Desert Sand, DMC 4160 Glistening Pearls, DMC 4170 Whispering Wind, DMC 4180 Rose Petals, DMC 4190 Ocean Coral, DMC 4200 Wild Fire, DMC 4205 Caliente, DMC 4210 Radiant Ruby, DMC 4211 Azalea, DMC 4212 Mixed Berries, DMC 4214 Cotton Candy, DMC 4215 Northern Lights, DMC 4220 Lavender Fields, DMC 4230 Crystal Water, DMC 4235 Artic Sea, DMC 4237 Laguna Blue, DMC 4240 Mid Summer Night, DMC 4245 Mystical Midnight, DMC 4250 Berry Parfait, DMC 4255 Orchid, DMC 4260 Enchanted, DMC 4265 Purple Pansy

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