This is a unique kit. A beautiful rotan picnic basket filled a weaving loom and lots of beautiful ecological wool in neutral tones. A true luxury Christmas gift for yourself or for a creative friend. The kits all include instructions for beginners.

The set includes:

  • 20 cm weaving loom with heddle bar
  • 2 shuttle sticks
  • wooden weaving comb
  • warp thread
  • set of wool needles
  • weaving needle
  • 100 gram ecological merino wool roving – undyed
  • 100 gram ecological merino wool roving – sand
  • Relove wool 01
  • Relove wool 02
  • 2 balls of Lanita ecological merino wool
  • 2 balls of Gordita ecological merino wool
  • 45 gram Undyed Bulky ecological carpet wool
  • Macrame rope white
  • Macrame rope ecru
  • Macrame rope off white
  • Relove cotton braid  3mm – white
  • A cone of white thread from a closed knitting factory
  • Weaving instructions for beginners