This soft yarn invites you to snuggle. It’s a wool yarn with fur finish. Great for making a soft shawl, hat, blanket or teddy bear. Knitting is faster than you think, as you’ll work with 10-12mm needles.

You can also use this yarn in your weaving project to create a nice soft cushion cover.

Details of the fur wool

  • Needle size 10-12 mm
  • 97% wool, 3% nylon
  • Color: Fucsia 12
  • Made in Great Britain from British wool
  • Fair prices are paid to shepherds

How to take care of your product made with this yarn:

Wool has anti-static properties and due to the squamous structure of the surface, sheep wool is self-cleansing. The dust gets wiped out of the fiber through the movement of the fibers. The fact that the wool contains a certain portion of humidity, it avoids the electrostatic charging of the rug. For heavier spots you can use regular soft soap.