A mix of blue tones with a touch of orange. With this mix of new and recycled fibers you can create a weaving with different textures.

It includes:

  • 17 gram navy Gordita ecological wool
  • 17 gram recycled dark navy yarn
  • 9 gram gray blue Gordita ecological wool
  • 7 gram orange roving
  • 51 gram jeans blue roving
  • 50 gram silky finita turquoise
  • 17 gram DMC embroidery floss color 415 (approx 70 meter!)
  • 5 gram DMC embroidery floss color 597 (approx 21 meter)
  • 50 gram flamita white
  • 100 gram off white wool roving

Please note these fibres are only suitable as weft threads (the horizontal threads). To warp your loom we recommend our cotton warp thread