This is a set of beautiful wooden dolly pegs with a flat foot. You can use the pegs for displaying your embroidery floss or crochet yarn. With the flat foots, they can even stand up straight! These dolly pegs are a great alternative for storing your embroidery floss. As they are round your yarn will not get any strange wrinkles or bobbles and stays nicely smooth.

We love to look at them when stand in row at our shelves. They also look pretty in a big storage glass.

Simply roll your embroidery floss or crochet yarn around the peg and display it in a basket. Of course you can also use these dolly pegs for other craft projects. Write the floss number on the peg with a pencil so you can always reuse your peg for a different color later.

Size of the wooden dolly pegs

Each doll is approx 10 cm long (~4 inch) and 1,3 cm in diamter (~0,5 inch)