This is a DMC Étoile Thread Gift Box with all the 35 shades of this beautiful sparkling DMC Mouline. The 35 skeins come in a Prestige silver colored metal box.

Étoile  has a wonderful twinkling sparkle. It is made with a mix of 73% cotton and 27% lurex polyamide and therefor very fluffy. The sparkle is more subtle with a reflection here and there, rather then metallic floss. This floss is softer then the metallic mouline thread, but it is still recommendable to use some beeswax before stitching.

You can use the Étoile thread to replace regular DMC mouline.

Each skein is 8 meter long and comes with 6 strands which you can easily split.

Colors included: C-White | C-ecru | C310 | C318 | C321 | C415 | C433 | C436 | C444 | C471 | C519 | C550 | C554 | C600 | C603 | C666 | C699 | C725 | C738 | C740 | C798 | C814 | C816 | C820 | C823 | C840 | C890 | C900 | C907 | C915 | C938 | C972 | C995 | C3371 | C3799

The box includes a few free patterns by DMC. You can also use this floss to replace a regular mouline color in your cross stitch project. You can easily find the paring DMC mouline color, as the numbers of the floss have an extra C in front of the normal stranded cotton number.

So a C820 is the same marine blue as the regular DMC mouline 820, which we use frequently in our Stitch A Map projects. The C-white is a very light gray cross stitch floss rather then a pure white.