Earn money with your craft or DIY blog

Are you an enthusiastic blogger, influencer, or (online) craft shop owner? We love to collaborate with you! Below we explain how you can make money with a DIY or craft blog when you become our affiliate partner. Continue to share your passion for cross stitch & textile crafts and earn money meanwhile!

If you own a craft shop, we invite you to become our Wholesale partner

How to start making money with your craft blog?

As craft blogger you share our passion for textile crafts. When you write a gift guide, tutorial or product review in you may like to include our products.

When you become our affiliate partner you will receive a unique link id, that you can include in your posts. We track visitors that follow that link. And we give you a commission (up to 10%) when eligible visitors buy something from our website.

You can include this unique link in you blog post, on your website, instagram profile, and YouTube videos. Clicks are tracked realtime, so once someone clicks the link you can directly see this if you are loged in to our page.

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Earn money with your craft blog
stitching over 4 linen undyed color

What are we looking for in affiliate partners?

We build partnerships with creative people that love to write, photograph or vlog about crafting. You may be a beginner at cross stitch or an expert. Whether you have a big and succesfull blog, or a small following, we love to work with you.

To make it succesfull for both of us, we expect you

  1. To target crafters. Our products are designed for beginning and intermediate crafters. Most of our customers are female and between 20-55 years old. Many of our customers are new to cross stitch but might haved done knitting or crochet. And of course we also have expert cross stitchers as our customers.
  2. To have an eye for style. The better your pictures and videos, the more success your blog might have. We like to grow with you in that.

As creative peope we are happy to explore other ways of collaborations with you (think instagram take-overs, photography challenges, guest blog posts etc.). So please contact us with your ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it allowed to place orders through my own affiliate partner links?2018-10-12T14:54:35+01:00

It is not allowed to place orders directly or indirectly via Studio Koekoek’s affiliate partner progamme via your own partnerlinks, when the order is for personal use. Our afflitiate programme offers commision as a reward for promoting Studio Koekoek’s products and should not be used as discount on your own orders.

Can I purchase items for my company using Koekoek’s affiliate programme?2018-06-06T09:23:51+01:00

You cannot buy products for your own company via Koekoek’s affiliate programme to obtain a discount on those purchases. You can contact us via www.studio-koekoek.com/wholesale to discuss our Wholesale conditions.

Can I become a partner if I do not have a website or blog?2018-10-12T15:11:50+01:00

You need to be able to share a link with your audience in order to promote Studio Koekoek. This can be a link in your video’s on YouTube, on a Facebook post, or in Instagram (when you have over 10K followers). But you have the highest continued success if you can link from a blog or website directly.

Can I choose which products I want to promote on my website?2018-06-06T09:25:03+01:00

Yes, you choose which of our products fits best with your website and the interests of your visitors. You can choose to add links to specific titles, product pages, category pages, or special offers from Studio Koekoek. We do not place any links or banners on your website, so you are free to decide what you would like to promote.


Where can I find the terms and conditions2018-06-27T14:53:04+01:00

You can find the affilitate programme terms and conditions here on our website 

Where can I find my personal link?2018-06-27T14:49:04+01:00

You can find your ID if you login to your account under “creatives”

You can add the following part after any product link on our website:

?wpam_id=1 (replace this number with your ID number)

For example to add a link to the world map cross stitch pattern you can click here: https://studio-koekoek.com/shop/cross-stitch-patterns/xl-world-map-cross-stitch-pattern/?wpam_id=1 

to add a link to the home page you can use this: https://studio-koekoek.com/?wpam_id=1The ID number is a personal part of each link and unique for your account.

What is Studio-Koekoek’s affiliate partner programme?2018-06-06T09:24:47+01:00

Studio-Koekoek’s affiliate partner programme gives you the oppertunity to promote Studio Koekoek’s products at your website. Over sales through your website you will earn commision. And the nice thing is that you will earn commission over projects that you promote and also over every other article bought in the same shopping session.

How can I test whether a link works?2018-06-21T22:51:44+01:00

When you create a testlink it will look like this: https://studio-koekoek.com/?wpam_id=1

The ID number is a personal part of each link and unique for your account. You can find your ID if you login to your account under “creatives”

You can add the following part after any product link on our website:

?wpam_id=1 (replace this number with your ID number)

For example to add a link to the world map cross stitch pattern you can click here: https://studio-koekoek.com/shop/cross-stitch-patterns/xl-world-map-cross-stitch-pattern/?wpam_id=

If you click on this link, it will be tracked real-time to your account.

Under “Overview” you will see the number of visitors increasing every time somebody clicks your link.

Why was my commission balance reduced?2018-06-06T09:24:01+01:00

The open balance which you can see in your account summary shows how much commission you earned in a certain period. Under the open commission we also include orders that are still being processed. If those orders are returned, your final commison can be lower than inititally indicated.